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A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows and macOS

It's 1999. The online world is becoming more accessible to the average citizen and instant messaging is still the latest communication craze. Young Bob, fresh out of high school, is reveling in every minute of it, but he soon finds himself to be the only apparent link to the outside world for a sixteen-year-old girl. Will he be able to help this stranger in need?

The story is based on something that happened to me in 1999.  Fortunately I got the good ending in real life, but I always wondered what would've happened if I had made different choices. This game was an opportunity for me to explore that.

Made for the IGMC 2017 Contest.

More information

Published 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorYe Olde Bearded Dude
TagsRPGMaker, Visual Novel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

Install instructions

Dowload .ZIP file and unzip.

Go into the "A Stranger In Need" folder and activate the "Game.exe" file.

Game can be played with only your mouse.


A Stranger In Need 87 MB
A Stranger In Need (Mac)

Development log


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Interesting story and game layout. I wish the writing was a little bit better though and the story itself more developed. 

Yeah. I should probably put in the description this is for the 2017 IGMC contest. That's why it's so short. Thanks for the feedback.